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Model : SH1000H

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Model : SH1000H
· Applications

The SH1000H NBC-filter is used in NBC protected Civil Defence and military shelters for filtration of Nuclear Fallout and Biological and Chemical Warfare agents with maximum efficiency. The SH1250H NBC-filter is designed to optimize the use of floor space in the HVAC plant room by providing maximum filtrated air amount with minimum use of floor space

· Manufacturer of SH1000H NBC-filter is SAMHOON CO., LTD.

For the SH1000H NBC-filter can install high efficiency particulate aerosol (HEPA) filter and It have a gas adsorption filter enclosed in a steel container and providing a two stage filtration of the intake air, aerosol and particle filtration first followed by gas filtration. The filter is enclosed in a rigid gastight container made of steel plate with minimum thickness of 2.5 mm ensuring shock and blast resistance of the NBC-filter. The gas adsorption filter is composed of layers of specially impregnated activated carbon manufactured to comply with the Finnish Civil Defense standards. Optionally the filter can also be provided with activated carbon for removal of Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC). An advanced carbon packing and compression system is applied to guarantee that the carbon beds retain their integrity and tightness.

· Test and performance data

The filter is designed and tested against blast Wave in the ( ) in USA Efficiency of the absolute filter (HEPA) of SH1000H filter is better than 99.995% for particles of 0.3 μm. The filter is shock tested with a mechanical shock of the installation base having an acceleration of 20 g in direction of the three main axis. Please Note: HEPA filter is optional, and HEPA filter can be installed.

· SH1000H NBC-filter Operation Point
  Nominal air volume Nominal pressure drop
Class 3, High Concentration Gases 400 m³/h 400 Pa
Class 2, Medium Concentration Gases 510 m³/h 500 Pa
Class 1, Low Concentration Gases 1400 m³/h 1600 Pa

For Example: If danger gases will be CL2, and we want to remove CL2 from internal air we must consider follow notice:
1- If suggest CL2 concentration is about 10000ppm we must use filter in class 3( Max 400m³/h) , in this condition our filter protect us about 30min
2- If suggest CL2 concentration is about 5000ppm we can use filter in class 2 ( Max 510m³/h) , in this condition our filter protect us about 20min
3- If suggest CL2 concentration is about 1000ppm we can use filter in class 1 ( Max 1400m³/h) , in this condition our filter protect us about 20min ,

For deference gases we can use different media such as NBC, A, B, E, K, ABE and ABEK impregnated active carbon for filter design and manufacturing, Ask us freely

· Technical Data
Weight of Activated Carbon 45 Kg
Total Carbon Volume after packing 78 L
Specific Carbon Volume (class 1) 0.05L/ m3/h
Specific Carbon Volume (class 2) 015L/ m3/h
Specific Carbon Volume (class 3) 0.19L/ m3/h
Weight of the with Filter 375 Kg
Height of the filter 980mm
Width of the filter base 796mm
Connection height of the inlet duct 331mm
Connection height of the outlet duct 486mm
nlet and Outlet duct diameter 200mm
Distance between inlet and outlet ducts 922mm
· SH1000H NBC-filter Fan Specification:

Impeller: Backward, Direct Coupling, 3000rpm
Impeller Dia: 400mm, Impeller Width: 85mm
Power: 2.2Kw, 380V